Let Only Service

Our let-only service is suited for experienced landlords who have the time and resources to deal with the issues that arise from renting a property.

What we will do for you:

  • find a suitable tenant
  • advise on value and marketing
  • advise on preparing the property for rent
  • advise on compliance with current legislation
  • serve appropriate notices and advise upon and arrange any future extension or re-market the property to negate any void periods

Rent Collect Service

As per Let only services plus collection of each months’ rent on your behalf if required

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Full Property Management Service

Our Full Property Management Service offers all elements of Let Only and Rent Collection and also deals with day to day issues such as emergency call outs, lost keys, maintenance issues, faulty appliances etc. Additionally, our Property Management Service will help you serve the crucially important notices required to regain possession of the property at the appropriate time.


Let only

Fee £300 plus VAT (20% ) = £360 inclusive of VAT. Plus10% + VAT (20% ) = 12% of the rent for the signed tenancy term.

Rent Collection

Fee £300 plus VAT (20% ) = £360 inclusive of VAT. Plus 10% + VAT (20% ) = 12% of the rent for the signed tenancy term. Plus 3% + VAT (20% ) = 3.6% of each months’ rent

Property Management

Fee £300 plus VAT (20% ) = £360 inclusive of VAT. Plus 15% + VAT (20% ) = 18% of the rent for the signed tenancy term.

Landlords - Why Forbes is your only choice for a central London letting agent?

Choosing an agent to let your property is an important decision. Forbes has unrivalled experience in letting and management with extensive knowledge of both marketing and the legal aspects of tenancy law. We have a range of services which allow you to be as ‘hands free’ as you would like, safe in the knowledge that Forbes will protect your investment.

To maximise your return on investment our clients have the option to use our Rental Optimisation service to make sure you are receiving the top rent for any given property. We are also experts in Short Lets.

The basics

  • Short-lets are short-term tenancies with a minimum term of four weeks going up 6 months. (They are not serviced apartments).
  • The properties will be existing long-let instructions that can also be offered for short-lets!
  • There is a specific short-let Tenancy Agreement to be used for short-lets, which fully protects both the landlord and the tenant.
  • The tenancies are in the form of a 'short-let contractual Agreement'
  • The rent for the whole term agreed is paid in advance at the point the deal is agreed.
  • The rent is paid together with a four week deposit (held as agent on behalf of the Landlord)
  • All short-lets are managed by Forbes to make the experience smooth for all parties concerned.
  • The Landlord is responsible for all bills/utilities, council tax and TV licence (with the exception of telephone and internet usage) this is factored in to the rental guide price.
  • The properties are fully furnished.
  • Property services and marketing will canvass particularly for this market.
  • Landlords who only want to let their properties for short periods whilst they are overseas for instance or are in the process of selling a property and would like the flexibility of short term tenancy.
A Short Let Tenancy is for a term less than 6 months. All monies must be paid in full and in advance (including a 4 week deposit)

Normally utility bills are included in the rental amount, with the exception of telephone and broadband fees, payment of which will be detailed in your tenancy agreement.
  • Corporate applicants looking for a more cost effective alternative to a hotel.
  • Seasonal demand: summer/winter– extended-stay holiday makers.
  • Private individuals moving house or refurbishing / extending their properties.
  • Employees on short/mid-term work contracts.
  • International students on Summer placements.
  • Specific events: Wimbledon tennis, Chelsea flower Show etc.
  • Filming/Media events that require central locations and high standard or unique apartments.

Whether you are looking for long term or short let clients we strive to find the best possible tenants for our clients. Our marketing is continuously reviewed to ensure its effectiveness. We work very hard on monitoring circulation, readership and the quality of all publications in order to achieve this Our website is targeted at search engine optimisation where each property has its own page title ensuring maximum exposure and visibility for each instruction. Our innovative website allows tenants to search not just by criteria, but also through interactive mapping and satellite imagery. All too often, buyers look in a small area not realising what else is nearby.

Forbes is regulated by The Property Ombudsman (TPO) scheme and we subscribe to their strict Codes of Practice. Further details of the extensive service we offer are available in person, so please feel free to find out more by contacting any of our helpful staff.

We aim to develop long term relationships with our clients and this is done by delivering an excellent service throughout the whole process. Our expert team will ensure a trouble free tenancy.

We are committed, diligent and will always get the job done.